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A Morning In, Making Breakfast With The Kids

A Morning In, Making Breakfast With The Kids

Moving is stressful to say this least. Especially if you are moving from another state but it’s important to stay close as a family during this time. Moving into your new home in Town Square why not start a new tradition. Experts have commented on how important it is to do things together as a family to keep the family ties strong. Here are a few traditions you and your family may like to start in your new home in Oklahoma City:

A Yearly BBQ

BBQ’s are a fun and relaxing afternoon with the family and a few close friends. The fall season is a great time to have a BBQ with the season changing and having cooler afternoons here in the Midwest. Each year you can pick a different theme for your family BBQ to add a little flare to your afternoon. The family can have a fun afternoon filled with horseshoes, washers, a fire with s’mores in the evening, and of course some good BBQ.

A Morning In

Life is always hectic, when moving it can feel even more crazy. Taking a morning in, a morning off, to spend with the family can be just what the family needs. Watching a movie, playing cards, or making a big breakfast for everyone still in their PJ’s is a great way to spend a morning with the family. This makes a relaxed morning for all in the family to catch up on each other’s lives and spend a great time together.

A Time Capsule Jar

This is a great way to remember memories down the line. Get a jar and put photos you’ve taken together, vacation merchandise, mementos, and other items you get together throughout the year. When the end of the year comes and your jar is filled, put it somewhere in the house. Some ideas to put your memory jar could be on top of your kitchen cabinets, or on top of a shelf, or on a desk, etc. When you want to look at what the 2016 year brought you, bring your jar down and relive your wonderful memories together as a family.

Family time together is something that a you ever won’t regret. Start a tradition now that your family will not want to ever end. A tradition your kids will keep once they’ve moved out of the house and will remember fondly the times they had with their parents as they were growing up.

Is a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Best For You?


A 30-year fixed mortgage rate is an option that many people choose when buying a house. There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of mortgage. One advantage is that the monthly payment is lower than a 15-year fixed mortgage rate. Unfortunately when borrowing money, interest is always higher the longer it takes to pay off. The same is true with a 30-year fixed mortgage rate compared to say a 15-year fixed mortgage rate. For example, the monthly rate for the 30-year mortgage could be over a 300 dollar difference compared to the 15-year mortgage, but in the end you may be paying over 100,000 dollars more.

As a homebuyer, you need to ask yourself, which is better for you now? Do you have the money to pay off your new house in 15 years with higher monthly payments? Or do you need lower monthly payments to help put that money towards something else? What are your financial goals?

After seriously thinking about these questions, here is a fact, the majority of house buyers today do get a 30-year fixed mortgage rate because it is the longest length mortgage with the least amount of money to pay each month. Just because the majority does this, does not mean it may be right for you. Weigh all your options and consider a monetary adviser to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Of course if you are worried about needed a “safety net” then a 30-year fixed mortgage may be best for you. This is why: you can pay more than your actual amount due each month to decrease your amount of debt faster but if something would happen in your life and money starts to get tight you have your lower monthly payments that you can start to pay the minimum amount again without going into more debt or backed up bills or worse yet lose your house.

Even with this “safety net” the mortgage calculator shows that you will still be paying more money in the long run with the 30-year fixed mortgage rate because of the interest rates. But of course the gap of the money difference paid decreases the faster you pay off your house. Talk to your financial adviser to help pick the right mortgage for you.

Gardening Isn’t Only For Warm Months


One might think that the frigid winter months would bring great down-heartedness to a gardener.  Unexpectedly, the avid gardener knows how to see the sunlight at the end of the dark winter tunnel.  To them, winter is viewed not as an enemy of blooms and greenery, but as a planning and preparation opportunity for the coming spring’s brilliant garden. A custom built garden would be nothing without a custom built home in Edmond!

Gardeners know how to make the best use of their time during winter months by removing last season’s garden of any brown, dried up stubble and debris.  While some perennials are resilient enough to withstand the freezing temperatures, other more fragile perennial bulbs will need to be transported from the soon to be solid ground and kept in a cool, protected location such as a garage.  Perennials, shrubbery, and trees will thrive in the spring, if in the winter months, mulch is added to their beds or the bases of their roots.  If evergreens are a part of the landscaping, they too may be in need of a few inches of mulch or a burlap wrap near the base of their trunks.

A gardener’s best friend is well maintained gardening tools and equipment.  Winter is a great time of year to ensure that their tools are thoroughly cleaned, sufficiently oiled, and freshly sharpened.  At times, a gardener will discover that one of his pieces of equipment is beyond repair and they may choose to purchase a new one so as to be fully prepared and ready to go after the final frost. Justice Homes knows what it means to be prepared for any exciting home renovations or updates, from the interior to the exterior.

Believe it or not, a gardener does not have to wait until winter has passed to begin the planting process.  A few flower and plant species, such as poppy seeds, can be sown directly onto a layer of snow and may begin to bloom in the middle of the spring.  Also, certain types of flowers, herbs, and vegetables can be planted in small individual containers indoors, weeks before the last frost is expected.  Once the coast is clear and spring has clearly arrived, these sprouted seedlings can be safely transplanted into their designated garden locations.

Winter clearly does not have to be viewed as a burden to those planning to cultivate a garden.  Many have chosen to use it to their advantage by learning how to use these months for upkeep of perennials and trees, as well as preparing seeds and plants they’ve chosen to become new additions. A new home in Oklahoma City would be just about perfect with a beautiful custom garden! A well prepared gardener has a smile despite the snow, knowing spring’s gorgeous garden is right around the corner.

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