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How to Deep Clean Your Windows

Home is a place where we get to go and relax. With the weather getting colder and the leaves starting to change it creates a perfect picture that we all can’t help but look at. You might be thinking that the view from your window is... [read more]

By Justice Homes 9-11-2018

Landscaping on a Budget

With a Justice Home, you already get a beautifully landscaped yard. The detail that we put into the landscapes of our homes is unbeatable. Not only do you have a stunning home, but you get perfectly placed trees, scrubs, bushes, and landscaping rocks with vibrant mulch... [read more]

By Justice Homes 7-11-2018

Outside Activities To Do With The Kids

It’s a wonderful time of year with warm weather about us. Spring time brings about fresh air and a desire to be out in it. With the kiddos soon to be out of school it’s important that you have some activities ready for the kids. These activities are ones... [read more]

By Justice Homes 5-30-2018

Family Traditions - Make Your House a Home

Moving is stressful to say this least. Especially if you are moving from another state but it’s important to stay close as a family during this time. Moving into your new home in Town Square why not start a new tradition. Experts... [read more]


Is a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Best for You

A 30-year fixed mortgage rate is an option that many people choose when buying a house. There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of mortgage. One advantage is that the monthly payment is lower than a 15-year fixed mortgage rate. Unfortunately when borrowing money,... [read more]

By Justice Homes 7-25-2016

Gardening isn't Only for Warm Months

One might think that the frigid winter months would bring great down-heartedness to a gardener. Unexpectedly, the avid gardener knows how to see the sunlight at the end of the dark winter tunnel. To them, winter is viewed not as an enemy of blooms and greenery,... [read more]

By Justice Homes 1-25-2016

Ground Breaking on Phase IV of Canyon Lakes

Just broke ground on Phase IV. Luxury lock and leaves and perfect empty-nester homes! Reserve your lot today!

More Info Here

... [read more]

By Justice Homes 12-4-2014