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A Beginner Guide to Houseplants

Many of us spend a great deal of our time indoors. This could be for several reasons, but our favorite reason is simply to enjoy the comfort of your home. After all, we at Justice Homes take pride in making every detail of your home something to enjoy.... [read more]

By Justice Homes 6-11-2019

Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring is a beautiful time of year! The weather is getting warmer and the windows can finally be opened allowing beautiful fresh smelling air to come through your home. However, there is a more involved with the home than just opening your windows come spring time.... [read more]

By Justice Homes 4-3-2019

How to Baby Proof Your Home

If you have recently become new parents you might not be too worried about things right now since all they do is sleep, eat, and keep you up at night. However, as the months go along your baby will soon start crawling around, putting everything they... [read more]

By Justice Homes 2-5-2019

Best Home Trends and Deigns

There is always a never-ending change in trends every year. Inevitably that means that the trends from 2018 are about to change when it comes to the design of homes. Justice Homes keeps up with the latest trends when it comes to home designs and what... [read more]

By Justice Homes 12-6-2018

New Trail Development for Lone Oak Farms

We are excited to get to share with you an announcement made by Oklahoma’s 4 News! As you know, here at Justice Homes we are dedicated to the beauty of not just the home but the environment that surrounds the home. That is why we choose... [read more]

By Justice Homes 10-25-2018

Top Reasons Why Edmond OK is a Great Place to Live

If you are looking for a place to live, then you should consider moving to Edmond, OK. There are a lot of great new homes Edmond OK. Justice Homes is among one of the top home builders in the area because of the quality and standard that we build... [read more]

By Justice Homes 10-10-2018

How to Deep Clean Your Windows

Home is a place where we get to go and relax. With the weather getting colder and the leaves starting to change it creates a perfect picture that we all can’t help but look at. You might be thinking that the view from your window is... [read more]

By Justice Homes 9-11-2018

Landscaping on a Budget

With a Justice Home, you already get a beautifully landscaped yard. The detail that we put into the landscapes of our homes is unbeatable. Not only do you have a stunning home, but you get perfectly placed trees, scrubs, bushes, and landscaping rocks with vibrant mulch... [read more]

By Justice Homes 7-11-2018

Outside Activities To Do With The Kids

It’s a wonderful time of year with warm weather about us. Spring time brings about fresh air and a desire to be out in it. With the kiddos soon to be out of school it’s important that you have some activities ready for the kids. These activities are ones... [read more]

By Justice Homes 5-30-2018

Family Traditions - Make Your House a Home

Moving is stressful to say this least. Especially if you are moving from another state but it’s important to stay close as a family during this time. Moving into your new home in Town Square why not start a new tradition. Experts... [read more]