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Tips for Making a Less Stressful Move

Moving from one home to another can be described as many things. Exciting, daunting, adventurous. But regardless of if you are thrilled about your new move or not, the most common word used to describe moving would definitely be stressful. At Justice Homes we are [read more]

By Justice Homes 3-5-2020

Exciting Trends in Engineered Quartz

If you happened to be at the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, it would come as no surprise to you when we tell you that engineered quartz is having a serious moment. Homebuilders and homeowners alike cannot get enough of this hardy... [read more]

By Justice Homes 2-10-2020

Luxury Shower Floor Ideas

When thinking of ways to revamp your bathroom, you may think about changing out your faucets or vanity mirror. Maybe you are wondering if you should add a bidet. But if you are not even thinking about your flooring in this scenario, you should be. Your bathroom is... [read more]

By Justice Homes 1-28-2020

How to Properly Use LEDs in Your Home

Many people nowadays often opt for LED lights, this is due to many reasons, the biggest of them being that they are energy efficient. Any way homeowners can save is the way to go. There are other benefits to having LED lights in your home such... [read more]

By Justice Homes 11-20-2019

How to Clean Your Grout

If you have ever browsed the Justice Homes gallery, you will certainly see that we adore tile work. From standout tile backsplashes to elegantly tiled floors, we cannot get enough. One thing is for sure though, you cannot have tile without grout. Having grout... [read more]

By Justice Homes 11-7-2019

Differences Between Master Planned Communities and Suburbs

If you are currently house hunting, you may have seen or heard the term “master-planned community” used by certain builders. Justice Homes being among them. This is not simply a trendy phrase meant to dress up the word suburb. If that is not the case, then... [read more]

By Justice Homes 9-26-2019

A Beginner Guide to Houseplants

Many of us spend a great deal of our time indoors. This could be for several reasons, but our favorite reason is simply to enjoy the comfort of your home. After all, we at Justice Homes take pride in making every detail of your home something to enjoy.... [read more]

By Justice Homes 8-15-2019

Decorating Your Home

Everyone approaches interior design in their own way. However, most people can agree that interior designs that are more creative are much better than boring, dull designs. If a property is designed in a beautiful way, it will greatly enhance the ambiance of it. What many people do... [read more]

By Justice Homes 8-14-2019

Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring is a beautiful time of year! The weather is getting warmer and the windows can finally be opened allowing beautiful fresh smelling air to come through your home. However, there is a more involved with the home than just opening your windows come spring time.... [read more]

By Justice Homes 4-3-2019

How to Baby Proof Your Home

If you have recently become new parents you might not be too worried about things right now since all they do is sleep, eat, and keep you up at night. However, as the months go along your baby will soon start crawling around, putting everything they... [read more]

By Justice Homes 2-5-2019