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How to Deep Clean Your Windows

Home is a place where we get to go and relax. With the weather getting colder and the leaves starting to change it creates a perfect picture that we all can’t help but look at. You might be thinking that the view from your window is beautiful and just fine but it’s time to get your windows cleaned. They should be cleaned twice a year ideally. Justice Homes wants to help you get your windows cleaned so that you can have your home looking beautiful and clear windows to look at. We build homes with beautiful landscapes surrounding the home so that you and your family can enjoy the view. Here is how you can make your view just as clear and beautiful.

The first thing that you will need to do is get the right tools. You’ll want to get a squeegee, a sponge squeegee, warm water, and a teaspoon of dishwashing soap. You might be tempted to just pull out your roll of paper towels or some microfiber clothes with your glass cleaner. The truth of that is though that this just moves dirt around. The point of cleaning your windows is to get the dirt off, not just move it around. Here is the simple yet effective way to do so. Once you have all your needed tools and bucket filled with the mixture, you’re ready to go!

The first is to use the squeegee sponge after having put in the water and scrub your window. Scrub every inch of the window taking care to see where there is a need to scrub a little harder in those spots. It doesn’t matter how you go about scrubbing your glass. Whether is horizontal, vertical, or angled just make sure that you aren’t getting it everywhere especially if you have wood surrounding the window. It might be helpful to keep a lint free cotton rag on you for quick clean up.

After you have given it a good scrub you’ll want to go down the edge of the window vertically with about an inch of the rubber blade. From there you’ll want to squeegee the window horizontally, overlapping a couple inches with each swipe. After each swipe you’ll want to wipe the rubber blade with the rag to make sure that you get a clean swipe every time. It seems like a long process but once you do a couple of them you’ll start to get into a flow of it. Make sure to clean all the windows from the outside. That means that you’re going to most likely need a ladder.

Justice Homes builds beautiful homes that are meant to last. However, we can’t protect the home from the dust blown by the wind. That is why we want to help you maintain your home and keep it looking its best. If you don’t live in a Justice Home and are looking to move, then see the homes we have available now! Elegant open floor designs that all will love.

By Justice Homes 9-11-2018