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Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring is a beautiful time of year! The weather is getting warmer and the windows can finally be opened allowing beautiful fresh smelling air to come through your home. However, there is a more involved with the home than just opening your windows come spring time. This is the time of the year to do a deep cleaning to your home! Thinking about everything in the home that needs to be cleaned can be overwhelming. Justice Homes is your professional home builder with a few tips and tricks to help you with this daunting task.

One of the few items that get over looked when it comes to spring cleaning is your curtains. They just hang there year after year. Occasionally we might slide them over to block out the sun. Most of us don’t think that they need to be cleaned though since they rarely come into contact with anything. However, if you have pets and haven’t cleaned your curtains in a few years that you have had them, there is no telling what is on them. They are, in fact, a huge dust collector makes it a huge culprit when it comes to allergies. Among the best suggestions that we have gotten in regard to cleaning them, is to throw them in the dryer on fluff with a damp towel to collect it all.

Talking about pets, there is an essential part of the home that must be addressed. Your carpet! Their hair and dandruff are everywhere. As time goes by it gets pounded down deeper into every fiber and into the padding. You might not think that carpet cleaning needs to be done so often but it will prolong the life of your carpet and help to keep the allergies in your home down. You might think you’ll be able to do this yourself and generally so but at least once a year it is best for the carpet and your home if you get your carpet cleaned by a professional.

There is certainly more to the list of things to clean like blinds, baseboards, comforters, furniture, upholstery and the list goes on. Your curtains and carpet are just two of the items to consider especially if your allergies are starting to flare up in the warmer weather. Many people have moving on their mind this time of year. If that is the case with you then make sure to give us a call today and set up a showing for one of our move-in ready homes!

By Justice Homes 4-3-2019