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How to Baby Proof Your Home

If you have recently become new parents you might not be too worried about things right now since all they do is sleep, eat, and keep you up at night. However, as the months go along your baby will soon start crawling around, putting everything they can in their mouths, and opening every drawer they can lift themselves up to. Then you really start to get into trouble as they start to walk because soon to follow is climbing. At that point nothing is really beyond their reach. Justice Homes builds homes with the family in mind giving plenty of room and space to allow your family to grow. We want to help you baby proof your home if your family is soon to grow.

The first thing that you want to address is the stairs. Stairs are among the biggest things that you need to be concerned about. There have been studies done in finding out how many children are treated in the emergency room due to stair related injuries. This study was done between 1999 and 2008 leaving the static that roughly 100,000 children per year under the age of 5 are brought into the ER for a stair related injury. 35 percent of those kids were under the age of 1. Most parents do the responsible thing and get baby gates. Even so, why such a high number? Many are due to poor installation. So, take the time to evaluate the type of baby gate you will need for your stairs based on the stair posts. Your child is worth the money if you find that it is very expensive. Once you get it, follow the instructions to ensure that it has been properly installed. Don’t skimp either, you need a gate at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

Another important aspect of the home that you will need to baby proof is outlet covers. Babies and children do have small fingers and love to stick them any place they can. However as small as their fingers are, they more than likely won’t be able to get them in that small outlet. Why cover them then? The short answer is, they love to stick whatever they have in their hand into whatever hole they can. That means if they get ahold of a metal fork without you knowing and you’ve got your back turned for a moment, there is no telling what could happen. Reduce the chance of your child getting electrocuted, buy outlet covers!

Unfortunately, there are a number of deaths each year due to children getting into medicine and chemicals. Having said that it is incredibly important that you keep medicine and cleaning products out of reach. That doesn’t mean left on your nightstand or on your kitchen counter. Your child will get to the age where he can climb onto your counters and even go through the cabinets above. The short end of this story is to childproof your drawers and cabinets. Additionally, don’t leave it out saying you will put it away later. Doing it now and doing it later incorporates a risk that you do not want to take. Children safety locks on caps and medication weren’t enough to keep the many children who have already died from taking medication or drinking chemicals. Don’t chance it.

Families are an integral part of our life. Take the time to show them love in the best way possible. Protect them. Justice Homes understands the responsibility that you take on as a parent and we want to help you in the best way possible by giving your family a beautiful house to grow up in and call home. Call us today to see the homes that we have available!

By Justice Homes 2-5-2019