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A Beginner Guide to Houseplants

Many of us spend a great deal of our time indoors. This could be for several reasons, but our favorite reason is simply to enjoy the comfort of your home. After all, we at Justice Homes take pride in making every detail of your home something to enjoy. One way we do this is by creating spaces that are not only visually beautiful, but also functional. Beauty and functionality are things that can be translated through the filter of your own personal decorating style as well. A prime example? Houseplants.

Houseplants are not as scary as some may fear. There are a wide variety of houseplants, from those that thrive on neglect to divas that need constant attention. Not only can their foliage be visually striking, but they can provide lasting benefits to you as well, namely, by improving air quality. Just ask NASA. Wondering where to start? We have a couple suggestions.

Are you seeking to add high drama and modern style to a space? For beginners, maybe consider ficus elastica, or more commonly known as the rubber tree. From deep, almost black leaves to watercolor markin

gs of white and green, this tree comes in several varieties and you are sure to find one (or two) to suit your style. If you are up for something that may require a bit more attention, look no further than ficus lyrata, a.k.a. the fiddle leaf fig tree. With this beauty in your home, visitors will instantly feel transported into a trendy style magazine.

Are you in need of a pop of color? Prepare for succulents to be your new BFF. With an endless array of textures and bright colors, the only thing you need to remember is to set it (in a bright window) and forget it. Well, at least until the soil is completely dry, that is. Are you up for more of a challenge? Calatheas are going to give you seemingly unnatural hues of pink, green, and silver. With their stunning leaf patterns, you will have guests asking “is that real?”. These tropical plants typically come from the understory of the rainforests in South America. So, if you place it in a spot that does not receive direct sun and do not let the soil dry out completely, you will make these beauties love you.

Trust me, the list could go on and on. Hopefully though, with these few suggestions you can add your own personal touch to your space, so that when you are spending time inside, you can truly enjoy it. If you are considering a more major change, such as moving into a brand-new home in Oklahoma City, we would love to help. Head over to our contact page to get in touch!

By Justice Homes 8-15-2019