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Spring Task List

No more being cooped up! As the weather starts getting warmer, people start opening their windows and finding motivation that they may have lost during the colder months. If you are gearing up to give your Justice home the Spring-cleaning treatment but don’t know where to start, we have a few suggestions!

Give Carpets a Deep Clean

Winter and Spring are quite wet seasons. Whether that be from rain, snow, or ice. And ultimately, those things get tracked onto your carpets on the bottoms of shoes and pet paws. Which is exactly why giving your carpets a good deep cleaning now that the weather is warming up is important. You can rent a carpet cleaning machine, or you can buy one depending on how often you plan on doing this chore.

Prepare Patio Furniture

If you enjoy hosting BBQs or enjoy sitting in the sunshine in your backyard, get ready for these activities by giving your patio furniture some care. Power wash iron tables and chairs, wash seat cushions, and repaint furniture that needs a little life brought back to it.

Mend Your Deck

After you have given your patio furniture some love, move onto your deck if you have one. Survey the surface of the deck for any rotten boards or railings that are not in stable condition. Many times, you can simply replace a rotten board here and there as needed without having to replace the whole deck in its entirety. And if your railings or steps are unstable, secure them with a few additional screws.

Clean Up Your Garden

Next time you see a warm day in the forecast, why not take advantage of it to get your gardens or landscaping in order? Trim bushes, deadhead old flowers, and plant some Summer flowering bulbs.

Wash Your Windows

As you are opening your windows to let the Spring air in, give them a wash while you are at it! Months of rain and snow leave your windows with layers of dirt. Whatever cleaner you choose to tackle this chore, use it in combination with a squeegee and a microfiber cloth for a superior, streak-free view.

If you accomplish these household chores in the next few months, you are sure to keep your home in good repair and prepare your space for all the activities that warmer weather brings.

By Justice Homes 4-20-2023