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Things That Should Be On Every Homeowners Monthly To Do List

At Justice Homes, we are delighted to help families get into their dream homes. But even a dream home can become a nightmare if not cared for properly. That is why we wanted to share a few items that homeowners should inspect and give a little TLC to once a month.

Check Your Attic For Leaks

A leaking roof can go unnoticed for quite some time if you never venture into your attic. And this can have devastating consequences. A leaking roof can damage structural supports, insulation, and create the perfect breeding ground for mold. Take advantage of your next rainstorm to inspect your attic for any leaks.

Trim Landscaping Around Your AC Units

It’s easy to let your landscaping get away from you when you’re enjoying beautiful weather, but it is important to tend to shrubs and things at least monthly. It is especially important to give attention to any shrubs you may have surrounding your AC unit. Overgrown shrubs can encroach on and obstruct the air flow from your unit. Resulting in your system having to work harder than it should or even suffer damage.

Check Your HVAC Filters

While you’re checking on your air conditioning unit, why not check the filters for your HVAC system too? Ideally these should be replaced once a season or four times a year, but the presence of fires or storms can cause them to get clogged faster. That’s why it's not a bad idea to pull them out and check them for clogs and debris on a monthly basis. It’s a quick and easy thing to do.

Dust Refrigerator Grills

Have you ever dusted your refrigerator grills? If so, great job! If you didn’t realize this was a chore you needed to do, however, now is a great time to start. You can typically find these grills either on the top or the bottom of your refrigerator and they detach so that you can gain access to the cooling coils and compressor of your fridge. Over time, these grills can accumulate dust and block the cool air flow. Ultimately resulting in your cooling system burning out. A quick wipe down once a month should add to the longevity of your refrigerator.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Dinner after dinner, your garbage disposal is there to help you clean up the mess. Needless to say, a lot of nasty things get passed down the old pipes. To keep it smelling fresh, once a month clean your garbage disposal by pouring a half a cup of baking soda and a full cup of vinegar down the drain. Let that work together for a few minutes and then flush with boiling water.​

In the end, making preventative maintenance a priority will ensure that your home stays a safe haven and does not become a burden. And splitting these items up throughout the month will ensure that chores do not pile up and become overwhelming. In fact, it is not a bad idea to make a physical check list of monthly to-do items either on paper or on your phone so that you do not forget!

By Justice Homes 9-3-2021