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Washing Machine Settings and What They Mean

Our Justice Homes are designed to make you comfortable and your life easier. Which is why your home will always come equipped with the latest appliances. Washing machines are one such appliance that make doing chores easier. But are you using yours wrong? Or are you not taking full advantage of all that your washing machine can do? Understanding what all the different settings on your washing machine mean will make sure that your clothes are well cared for and that your washing machine is being used to the full. So here is a simple guide to what all the settings on your machine mean and when it is best to use them.


The normal wash setting is for normal, everyday items. It is actually the most intense cycle, with high agitation and a long duration. Which is why it is ideal for things like cottons, linens, tshirts, towels, and sheets. Anything that is made from a very durable material is suitable for this setting.

Permanent Press

The permanent press cycle is shorter in duration than the normal cycle. Its intended materials are synthetic and wash and wear clothing. It runs with a low spin and warm water for a gentler cycle.


The delicate cycle is the most akin to handwashing. You can choose between warm or cold water and low or no spin depending on the items you are washing. Silks, laces, and wool are all ideal for the delicate cycle. This is the shortest and most gentle setting you will find on a washing machine.

Rinse & Spin

If you want a light, quick clean, the rinse & spin cycle is ideal. This cycle simply rinses the load with water and spins the excess moisture from the materials. It does not require laundry detergent and is best for clothes that need a simple refresh.

Speed Wash

As the name suggests, the speed wash cycle is for when you need something washed quickly. Generally completing the cycle in about 30 minutes, speed wash cycles are intended only for smaller loads of laundry.

Heavy Duty

Any sturdy materials like towels and jeans are best suited for the heavy duty cycle. Also any items that are heavily soiled and need a longer wash run and a more aggressive agitation cycle.


The bedding cycle is intended for, of course, bedding. It can also handle other bulky items and materials. The way this cycle is structured is meant to prevent excessive wadding while in the wash, which would prevent a thorough cleaning.

And that’s that! A basic rundown of all of the settings on your washing machine. Now you can use your washing machine properly and efficiently.

By Justice Homes 10-20-2022