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Annual Fall Maintenance

If you have already gotten your first PSL and are itching to pull out your favorite sweater, then you know what that means. Fall is just around the corner! With that in mind, Justice Homes is eager to share with you a few home maintenance items that you should add to your honey-do list come this Fall season.


One area you should give attention to before it gets too cold are your gutters. Inspect them for imperfections or damage, such as pulling away from the house. In addition, be sure to clear your gutters of any leaves and debris. A spatula is an excellent tool to get the job done! With your gutters in good repair they will be better equipped to handle anything that comes this Winter.


Even if your grass is not growing as quickly as during the warmer months, it still needs watering! So, do not hang up your hose and sprinklers just yet. Especially if you have recently fertilized, your lawn will need that water to help dissolve the nutrients into the soil. Fall is also an ideal time to aerate the soil to break up any compacted dirt. As a rule, don’t start neglecting your grass until after the ground begins to freeze.

Items You Should Winterize

Properly winterizing items that will not be in use during the Winter is the best way to keep your belongings in excellent condition. One thing you should prepare for the off season is your grill. You can do this by disconnecting and turning off the propane tank. Next, give your grill a good cleaning to remove any grease and leftover food bits. You can then coat any metal parts with a cooking spray. This will deter water from settling onto your grill and creating rust. And lastly, cover your grill in a bag to defend it against creeping things from nesting inside.

Next item to winterize ought to be your garden hose. This is relatively simple to accomplish. You can either use an air compressor to blast the water out or you can leave it on a sloped piece of pavement and let gravity do it for you. Either way, draining your water hose will not take much time or effort but it will save you from having frozen water destroying your hose.

Similarly, to your garden hose, you can use your handy dandy air compressor to expel water from your sprinkler system. This is a bit more of a time-consuming process, but essential nonetheless.

By checking all of these maintenance items off of your to-do list, you will be able to sit back and relax during the Winter, knowing that you will not be met with any surprises or disasters come Spring.

Justice Homes is all about helping families, not only during the home buying process, but well into homeownership. So if you found this article helpful, don’t forget to check back often for new information!

By Justice Homes 9-3-2020