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Exciting Trends in Engineered Quartz

If you happened to be at the 2020 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, it would come as no surprise to you when we tell you that engineered quartz is having a serious moment. Homebuilders and homeowners alike cannot get enough of this hardy and durable material. Consisting of 90-95% ground quartz and 5-10% pigments and resins, engineered quartz is as tough as it is beautiful. More exciting than its enduring properties, however, are the array of bold choices it showed up to the show in. At Justice Homes, we love building and renovating with exciting materials. That is why we want to alert you to a few style trends regarding engineered quartz that you should keep tabs on for your next remodel.

Black is the New Black

One trend that possibly stood out the most at the show were the dark color schemes. Jet blacks with gold veining, rich emerald greens, and captivating greys all dominated the scene. For a daring and sophisticated aesthetic, do not neglect this emerging trend.

Blue Hues

Another trend seen at the show was blues of all sorts of complimenting shades. Beautiful navy veining against white backdrops, for example, were among some of the standout selections. It is so easy to envision the slabs of blue and grey marbled quartz rested atop forest green cabinets. Even stunningly vibrant shades of blue were displayed to help you imagine being whisked away to Santorini.

Dazzling Golds

The unwavering popularity of brass faucets, knobs, and lighting can partly be to blame for the rise of gold accents in the engineered quartz world. But who’s complaining? Brass accents complimented by the swirling gold veins that were highlighted in many quartz collections, now that is a look worth swooning over. Gold was also seen speckled amongst other coffee tones for a more muted dazzle.

Of course, we could go on and on about the exciting trends popping up around engineered quartz. Hopefully, this was just enough to put this versatile material on your radar. And next time you need someone to make your remodel a reality, call Justice Homes! We would love to discuss your wants and needs and create a plan with you.

By Justice Homes 2-10-2020