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Is Sorting Laundry Really That Important

Our Justice Homes are designed with functional and spacious laundry rooms that make it easy to clean and organize your clothes. You can find folding stations and plenty of cabinets for storing cleaning supplies and more.

Speaking of laundry, you are probably familiar with the advice to sort and separate your clothes before you wash them, but is that really necessary? Or is it a step you can skip? Let’s discuss that.

What Is the Reasoning Behind Sorting Laundry?

So, what is the logic behind keeping dark colors, light colors, delicates, and towels separate? Here are a few reasons:

- It keeps dark dyes from transferring to light colored items.

- Protects delicate clothing from coming into contact with zippers and heavy items that can damage them.

- It extends the lifespan of clothing items.

Are There Times When Not Sorting Is Ok?

There are occasions when you can combine types of clothes without risking too much. For example, if you have a load of casual clothes that are mixed colors, these should be ok to wash together occasionally. The key is to use cold water so that colors do not bleed into lighter colors. Just be aware that if you make this a regular habit, your clothes will begin to look dingier over time.

How Exactly Should You Be Sorting Your Laundry?

Is sorting laundry limited to separating light colors from dark colors? Not exactly. Here are some guidelines to follow when it comes to properly sorting laundry.

- Consult the care label for each garment. It will tell you what temperature to wash the item on and how to dry it. Separate any hand wash items.

- Whites, pastels, and light grays can all be separated together.

- Dark grays, blacks, navys, and reds should be sorted together.

- Avoid pilling on your garments by washing cotton towels and blankets separately.

- Use a mesh laundry bag to wash bras and delicate underwear.

- Wash heavily soiled items separately to prevent dirt and oil transfer to other items.

By Justice Homes 6-22-2022