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Luxury Shower Floor Ideas

When thinking of ways to revamp your bathroom, you may think about changing out your faucets or vanity mirror. Maybe you are wondering if you should add a bidet. But if you are not even thinking about your flooring in this scenario, you should be. Your bathroom is a relatively small space to work with, and every bit of real estate should be considered. Upgrading the floor in your shower can take something simple and basic and instantly transform it into something luxurious.

Justice Homes knows that the details are what make something special. That is why we are here to show you shower floor options that are sure to impress.


Wood? In a bathroom? That does not make sense, you may be thinking. And normally, you would be right. But not all wood is created equal. Woods like redwood, teak, and cedar hold up exceptionally well in humidity thanks to their natural properties and the techniques used to seal them. While it still might not be best directly in the shower, assigning a portion of the bathroom floor to wood will give it a spa-like quality and lend a wonderfully earthy smell.


Bringing in other natural elements like pebble, add an elegant level of relaxation to a bathroom. Pebble shower flooring can prevent slippage while also relieving tension in your feet, since it massages as you walk on it.


Although concrete is a cost-effective option, that does not mean that it cannot look expensive. It can be painted or coated with epoxy, which allow you to choose virtually any color or pattern you desire. On top of artistic freedom, concrete is easy to clean.


Is it even possible to discuss luxury materials without mentioning marble? We don’t think so either. You can incorporate this luxe stone either in just your shower area or you can go for major drama by adorning your entire bathroom floor in it. Either way, marble floor never fails to draw admirers.

So, next time you are considering jazzing up your bathroom, do not neglect to upgrade your shower floors. And be sure to call Justice Homes! We love doing home and office remodels and renovations. Call us today to get started on bringing your vision to life.

By Justice Homes 1-28-2020