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New Trail Development for Lone Oak Farms

We are excited to get to share with you an announcement made by Oklahoma’s 4 News! As you know, here at Justice Homes we are dedicated to the beauty of not just the home but the environment that surrounds the home. That is why we choose to build in areas where the homeowner can take in the beauty that is around them. One of our most desired communities to live in is Lone Oak Farms because of the untouched beauty that surrounds the area. As brought out in the article by Channel 4 News, it was voted on by the OKC Council to accept 130 acres of land that was formerly known as Lone Oak Farms “for park and trail development”.

Ward 8 Councilman Mark Stonecipher was quoted saying: “This is a great opportunity to make this beautiful, rural land in Oklahoma City part of our public parklands”. Justice Homes couldn’t agree more. What is even better for homeowners that are planning on moving in, or have already moved in, is what he says next: “The Parks and Recreation Department Plans to interview local neighborhoods to develop a multi-use trail and playgrounds on the property that is a great fit for the type of natural environment along Bluff Creek.” That means that you have a voice in the beauty that surrounds your home.

If you’re looking at moving into the area, then make sure to consider that you’re not just building a home but you’re helping build a community that will last for generations to come. With a voice to have a say in the trails that will be made and the playground your children will play on, what’s not to love about Lone Oak Farms? If you would like to take a look at the homes, we have in the community today then give us a call! We would be happy to show you the homes we build and the community we are proud to get to build in.

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By Justice Homes 10-25-2018