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Preemptive Measures to Take Against Termites

Jeff Justice of Justice Homes is a skilled woodworker. Surely you will notice this when you examine the hand-crafted details of our homes. When discussing a topic such as wood, one thing that captures the frustrations of many is the presence of termites. At Justice Homes, we want your home, and ultimately the memories that can be made in that home, to last. That is why we want to share with you a few ways that you can watch out for and protect yourself against terrible termites.

What You Can Do

Sadly, most homeowners do not realize that they have a termite problem until it is much too late. Save yourself the heartache of bleeding your wallet dry by being mindful of what termites like and where they hang out to begin with.

For instance, termites are known to crave moisture and obviously wood. So, one easy thing you can make a habit of is to simply discard rotting or decaying wood lying around. Dying wood is particularly tempting to termites since it is softer and easier to consume. And when it comes to storing wood piles, be sure to avoid doing so near the foundation of your home or in areas where the pile may be exposed to moisture and be left undisturbed in dark areas for too long.

Another thing that will keep termites at bay is to take proper care of your foundation. This is beneficial for a multitude of reasons but especially regarding keeping termites nowhere near it. You see, the soil around your foundation tends to be moister and therefore soft. The things that termites love! That is why it would be extra wise to be quick to mend any leaky pipes and to have the proper water diversion elements in place, to not make your foundation alluring.

If you have already noticed termites lurking in piles of wood around your home or elsewhere, then you can fight them from coming near your home by releasing beneficial insects in the area. Insects such as nematodes, are naturally hungry for termites and they will feast on them until they are eradicated.

Taking these measures along with having professional inspections performed every 1-3 years will ultimately save you tons of money at the end of the day. Then you can choose to spend your money on things that make you happy instead!

By Justice Homes 8-27-2020