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The One Safety Detector You Need to Check Before Winter

The colder the weather gets, the harder our heating systems in our homes are working. Typically, when it gets chilly, the desire to bake more and sit by the fireplace increases. All these factors combined contributes to an increased risk of carbon monoxide buildup. At Justice Homes, we are committed to keeping families happy and safe even after they are moved into one of our homes. We do this in part by keeping you up to date with current homeowner information here on our blog. So today, we want to make sure that you can confidently check your carbon monoxide detector, especially before Winter arrives.

What to Do

Before you begin the test, you want to make sure that you alert your home security company to what you are doing, if you have one.

To test the monitor, you will want to hold down the “test” button. Listen for it to beep two times. After it has beeped twice, you will want to hold down the button again until it has beeped four times. Four beeps means that the system has sent a notification to your monitoring company. After 15 idle minutes, your detector should reset to a non-test setting.

If you realize during the test that your detector is not working properly or is old and outdated, make upgrading to a UL-listed carbon monoxide detector a top priority.

Always remember that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are only there to alert you to a problem. It is important for you to have a game plan for your family if there is carbon monoxide present or is a fire. This way you will know what to do beforehand, and in case of emergency you can act quickly.

Another thing to remember is to never block your detectors in any way. Avoid painting them, hanging things on them, or decorating them. They may not be the prettiest items in your home, but they serve an important role in keeping your household safe.

By Justice Homes 11-12-2020