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Tips for Making a Less Stressful Move

Moving from one home to another can be described as many things. Exciting, daunting, adventurous. But regardless of if you are thrilled about your new move or not, the most common word used to describe moving would definitely be stressful. At Justice Homes we are homebuilders. And as such, we have seen firsthand the whirlwind of emotions that can come along with the act of moving. That is why we want to share a few things with you to help you prepare for this life change. Hopefully by preparing, your next move will have as little stress as possible.

Unpack Boxes

Wait, what? Aren’t we supposed to be packing boxes, you may be thinking? Well, you would be right. Packing is a huge part of preparing for a move. But organizing and decluttering is also important in helping you to not feel as overwhelmed by stuff. It is not uncommon in the sometimes-rushed haze of a previous move, to still have unpacked boxes. Boxes of things you may have just thrown together because they fit. And since those items were not essential to everyday living, they never got unpacked. So, take the time now to go through those items. Sort things that have value or are sentimental. And as for the things that aren’t? Consider donating them to lighten your load.

Return Things That Aren’t Yours

Remember that baking dish or Tupperware container that you keep forgetting to give back? Or how about that scarf So-and-So left the last time you had them over for a gathering? To prepare for your move, it is a good idea to collect all the little things that do not belong to you and to put them in a box so that you remember to return them. If you have children that have moved away, it is likely that you also have a few of their old belongings as well. Inform them of your plans to move and their need to claim the things they wish to keep or donating what they do not.

Research Things That May Be of Value

Shows like Storage Wars and American Pickers can have you anxious to let things go. Afterall, you could have a priceless heirloom on your hands, while that could be, do not let that keep you from letting go of things you do not want to keep around. Instead, do a little research to find out what items are actually worth. For example, you can search similar items to yours on sites like eBay and Craigslist to see what they are going for. Another option is to consult with a local consignment shop. These shopkeepers have a great source of knowledge for what is selling and what is not and what you can reasonably expect to get for your piece.

Ultimately, with a little thoughtful preparation beforehand, you can turn what could’ve been a stressful move into a surprisingly smooth one. Simply take the time to par down on the things you do not use and moving into your new home can be something to look forward to. If you know you want/need to move but do not know where yet, why not browse our communities to see if you can find the right fit?

By Justice Homes 3-5-2020