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Emergencies All Homeowners Should Know How to Handle

What can go wrong, eventually will. Things go wrong, things break, that is just life. Any homeowner will be familiar with this law of nature all too well. But with a little forethought and knowhow, you can prevent emergencies from becoming completely disastrous. That is why your friends here at Justice Homes want to share with you some of the most common emergencies that homeowners face so that you can be equipped to handle them.

Busted Pipe

Old, overworked, and rusted pipes are all likely to spring a leak. When this happens, you need to act to locate it. Scenarios like these are why it is essential that every homeowner knows where their main water valve is. That way you can go straight there and turn off the water, preventing mass amounts of damage. After you have turned off the water source, you can either fix or replace the broken pipe if you know how to do so or contact a trustworthy plumber.

Flooded Basement

If your basement has flooded, the first thing you need to do is turn your circuit breaker off. When you venture down to assess the damage, make sure that you are wearing the proper PPE; boots, gloves, ect. From there you can enlist the help of a wet/dry vac to remove the standing water and then ensure that you ventilate the space well as it dries out. Place several industrial fans in the space to keep air flowing.

Non Flushable Toilet

There is nothing that triggers your flight or fight response like a clogged toilet does. If your child ran into the room to tell you that the toilet is not flushing, your first action should be to turn the water line off. From there, try to unclog the bowl by using a plunger. If that fails, take a look in the tank. The handle may be disconnected. Once the clog is cleared, make sure to turn the water line back on.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

If your carbon monoxide detector sounds, gather your family and get out of your house quickly. Once you are at a safe distance, call the gas company and have them investigate the leak. Carbon monoxide is serious. So check that your detectors are in working condition occasionally as well.

Ultimately, you cannot be prepared for everything in life. Some things are simply unpredictable. But by knowing what actions to take when faced with these common household emergencies, you will be able to handle them quickly.

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By Justice Homes 2-18-2022