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Should You Worry About Home Settling?

At Justice Homes, we build new homes that are ready for you to enjoy. When you buy new, you do not have to worry about big maintenance items for some time. One thing that new homes are bound to experience, however, is settling. Settling can present in several ways, which we will go over in this article. We will also talk about if settling is something you should worry about or not.

House Settling Is Normal

The first thing you should know about house settling is that it is a normal process. The materials used to build the home like wood and concrete will lose moisture in the months after it is built, and this will contribute to settling. The environment around the property will also contribute to settling. Extreme temperature changes, heavy rains, and humidity will all affect the soil surrounding your home which will result in settling. It also just takes time for your home’s foundation to compress the soil that it sits atop. As it solidifies into its surroundings, your home will settle and shift slightly.

House Settling vs Foundation Issues

While house settling is normal and will not cause major issues, foundation problems will. At first glance, foundation issues and settling can present very similarly, but you can tell the difference.

Normal house settling can produce fine hairline cracks that run vertically through drywall. These are more cosmetic than anything, but it is still worth it to repair them and reinstall some structural integrity. Make sure that you allow your home enough time to fully settle before you begin making these types of repairs, however. At least a year. This will prevent you from having to repair the same crack over and over again as the home shifts.

Improper drainage and flooding can make it where a house will not settle correctly, and this will lead to structural issues that need to be addressed. This type of settling will appear as diagonal or horizontal cracks in your home’s drywall. This kind of settling can cause doors and windows to not open or close properly. More severely, it can cause the gas and water lines running through your foundation to crack and leak. These kinds of structural problems get worse over time and can prove to be expensive. Which is why identifying improper settling early is crucial. If you notice horizontal or diagonal cracks in your drywall, call out a professional to assess the situation as soon as possible.

In conclusion, there are times when house settling is normal and times when it is not. Knowing what to look for can help you either put your worries to rest or know when to take action.

By Justice Homes 12-20-2022