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Items To Avoid Storing In the Bathroom

Bathrooms are some of the most heavily used rooms in a home. At Justice Homes, we know this. Which is why we always prioritize building bathrooms that are not only functional, but also relaxing and luxurious. Take a peek at our galleries to see what we mean. Our bathrooms are also outfitted with plenty of storage to make the space as useful as possible. But while the bathroom is a great place to keep some things, other household items suffer when stored here. Here is a list of examples of things you should avoid storing in your bathroom.

Linens and Towels

Storing your linens and towels in the bathroom seems like a no brainer, but it may not actually be the best idea. The reason it is not a good idea is because bathrooms are inherently humid environments and towels and linens are inherently absorbent items. If these items are stored in the bathroom, this could cause them to develop a musty smell or even develop mold. That is why storing towels and linens in a hall closet is a much better alternative.


We brush our teeth in the bathroom, so why wouldn't we just store these tools in the spaces we use them? The main issue with toothbrushes in the bathroom is specifically about where you choose to store them. Many households place their toothbrushes in a caddy next to their sink when they are through with them. The problem with that is that this leaves these items vulnerable to bacteria, especially bacteria that comes from the toilet. Instead of leaving your toothbrush exposed to contaminants, try storing it in a medicine cabinet or under the sink instead.


Your home should reflect the people that live inside it and it should display the things that you love and value. That is why many people choose to hang photos of loved ones and cherished memories around their homes, including in their bathrooms. The issue with hanging photos in the bathroom again comes down to humidity. Humidity is excellent at getting any place it wants to go, including in between picture frames. Constant exposure to humidity can result in damaged and lost photographs. For this reason, you may want to hang precious photos elsewhere in the home.

For the most part, bathrooms can be great places to store an extra thing or two. Just take care when storing these three items.

By Justice Homes 2-23-2023